Vegan Candy Recipes – Vacation Candyshop Popcorn

10 Oct

This one particular is actually a classic between vegan candy recipes. The combo of peanuts and crispy popcorn inside a glistening golden sugar glaze has a tantalizing sweet-and-salty crunch which is irresistible.

Selecting the best butter substitute

The sugar glaze includes a buttery richness, but it’s dairy totally free. You will discover numerous butter substitute alternatives for vegans, but good results depends upon picking the 1 which is right for your dish you happen to be making.

Vegan butter substitutes are smooth and flavorful, but though they are able to be substituted immediately for butter in recipes (1 cup vegan butter substitute = 1 cup butter) they are usually significantly less dense than dairy butter.

In several recipes (which include this one), a butter-flavored vegetable shortening this kind of as Butter-Flavor Crisco is definitely an outstanding option since it melts beautifully and adds the two a golden low as well as a distinctly buttery background taste to the glaze.

Considering that there are times when this recipe calls for functioning speedily, it’s a good a single to accomplish with firm during the kitchen; the glaze tends to firm up quick so getting an additional pair of hands offered to pace the shaping course of action along could come in useful. Should you be working alone, remember to have your cookie sheet ready ahead of you add the glaze towards the peanut-popcorn mix.

You’ll get the most effective effects from this (or any!) candy recipe when you use a candy thermometer. “Guesstimating” is often a risky company when you are doing work with sugar syrups

Vacation Candyshop Popcorn

two 1/2 quarts popped corn
2 1/4 C light brown sugar
1/2 C water
1/2 C vegan butter substitute (NuCoa Margarine or Butter-Flavor Crisco proposed)
two tsp salt
one Tbs vanilla
1 C salted peanuts Hold the popped corn crisp within the oven, at about 300 degrees.

Use vegan butter substitute to thinly coat 1 substantial bowl, and two cookie sheets or platters. Put aside.

In a huge saucepan, mix the sugar, syrup, water, vegan butter substitute and salt. Attach thermometer and cook more than medium heat, stirring occasionally, right up until the syrup reaches 290 degrees. Eliminate from heat and stir while in the vanilla.

Mix the popcorn and nuts while in the ready bowl and pour the syrup in a fine stream in excess of the mixture. Function speedily to combine effectively till the popcorn and nuts are completely coated, then spread the mixture out inside a thin layer on the ready cookie sheets. Swiftly separate into bite-sized clusters with two forks dipped in a very little vegan butter substitute.

This recipe helps make about three 1/2 quarts of delightful, old-fashioned candy popcorn, vegan-style.


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